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Display Color Variants as Separate Products - Shopify Shella Theme

Display Color Variants as Separate Products - Shopify Shella Theme

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Once you downloaded the code, you should follow the steps mentioned in the video.

You can display products on collection page by color variants. For example you have a product with 4 different colors, so you can display all the 4 colors as an individual product on collection page, so that customers could see all color variants as a separate product. This feature will be applied to all the products automatically. The complete steps are mentioned in the documentation file which you will find after downloading the code. We have also explained each step in our YouTube video. If you are still facing any issue, feel free to contact us.

This feature will boost your overall sales, beacause most of the customers get attracted to a specific color of a product, so the possibility to buy a product increases and they quickly buy the product.

You have no need to install any App or any third party library for adding this feature. This code is fast and fully optimized. You have no need to pay any subscription fee to use this code. Once you setup this code, you can use it for lifetime.

I saw an App which was providing this feature and costs 30 USD each month as a subscription fee. I worked hard to solve this so that people get this feature with the cheapeast price possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a Shopify Website. As a Shopify store owner, I encounter identical problems and challenges.

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How 'Hire me" works?

On my website, you can access both free and paid codes. However, if you have a specific website customization in mind that is not available in my store, please don't hesitate to contact me via "Chat with us" for a quote.

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How to give store access?

You simply need to add me as a staff with theme access mostly.

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In case you encounter any issues with the code you purchased, please feel free to reach out to me via "Chat with us". To facilitate a more effective resolution.

What are exclusive codes?

We provide both free and paid codes. The codes I have written aim to enable Shopify store owners to eliminate their dependency on Apps where you are losing money, I put significant time and effort into writing these codes.